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Dice odds coupled with methodical dice throwing is a good craps system. We control the craps game through the throwing skills and dice logic. more

The Nature of Dice Odds

How do we know when luck or a skill is working out? Knowing this can be a lot of help because dice games either works through luck or skill, or both.

When we're talking of dice games we're talking of odds. Odds mean the chances or probability for something to happen and happen again. Odds are measured by success repetition. And success is measured by the odds.

Mathematically speaking, wining possibilities against the remaining possibilities in a dice game is its dice odds ratio. Because there are 6 sides of a die, the chance of a number resulting from a die throw is always 5 to 1. If the condition is that we'd be paid 4 to 1 on betting on a die number, this means we're deprived of one chance, and that's one chance less from our winning odds. The one chance taken from us is the house advantage or odds or edge in a casino.

Because casino offers wholesale games an advantage of even 0.7 percent means a lot. Craps is one of the casino games that have a considerable edge for players who know how to bet favorably with dice odds.

When we throw several numbers of die pieces, we should multiply the number of possible results from a die piece with the constant 6. If we have two dice, that's 6 results from a die times 6 equals 36. If we use 3 dice, that's 36 multiplied by 6, equals 216 dice results.

If, say, we want to see the dice odds of a particular dice result, just study how many possible dice sums work out to get that result. What die numbers are needed to get a 7? There's a 6 and a 1, a 5 and a 2, and a 4 and a 3. Multiply this by two to get the reverse equations (3 and 4, 2 and 5, and 1 and 6). We have 6 equations in all. Then we subtract 7 (the number we want) from 6 (number of equations to get a 7). We have 1. This is the odds of a 7 with a die. But then we have two dice.

So, in considering the two dice, we have 36 combinations (6 times 6). We subtract 6 from 36 to get the remaining, which is 30. All in all, the dice odds are 30 to 6, and 5 to 1.

Players can easily catch up with a hot streak if they know how to use dice odds in their favor.