Understanding Other Dice Odds Factors

If we want to win in craps, especially, and in certain degrees other dice games, we need to understand dice odds. How often can we chance upon certain dice combinations?

We may not be able to perfectly control dice throws, but we may be able to estimate their odds of happening frequently. There are dice controllers, for sure, but even their dice rolls have certain percentages of ending up with certain results, good or bad, which are also odds, in a sense.

Tossing the dice in real casinos is not anything like we see on TV or in the movies. We are required to use only one hand and from a specified distance at the table. Getting the odds of combinations results have also to do with the dice material. Remember that dice are accurately designed to have equal sides for perfect balance and weigh distribution. No side of a die should be weightier to avoid biased tilting.

Which brings us to a seldom talked of side of dice odds. Dice materials and make have also something to do with them. Fake dice can be made to tilt certain ways to favor a certain result. There are dice pairs that are tampered so that no matter how we throw them and make them bounce off the table, they still register the same result. And this can terribly tilt the house edge and affect the balance of casino craps plays. Hence, the rigid casino dice measures.

Casinos are especially choosy about the kind of dice used at the tables, and measures are taken to ensure that no dice switching or any kind of cheating is done. In fact, if accidentally whisked off the table, there are measures done to ensure that they are the same dice to used. In some casinos dice pairs are used only for 8 hours, and then are replaced.

The way casinos are extra cautious about dice pieces and dice throws tells us volumes of how the odds can be affected by these factors. There are several dealers at the table inspecting all these details during the play. However, they are not there merely to inspect errors and violations but also to assist players on what is fair and acceptable to all, players and the casino. The better alternatives then are dice odds and, to a certain extent, dice systematic throwing.

Dice result ratios are important to understand, but so are other factors that affect dice odds. The dice pieces themselves have lots of odds factors to tell us.