Weighing Dice Odds Proposition Bets

We need to be extra careful when dealing with dice odds. Often, what they appear to be do not always coincide with their actual results.

At first glance, dice odds may appear as simple as they seem. But we have to look again because dice odds can sometimes be misinterpreted.

Dice odds can be deceiving in the eyes of the uninitiated. Lots of times, what seems to be a simple and favorable play with dice games may end up the other way around. And his would seriously affect our betting strategy. Sound strategies are closely linked with the ability to see true dice odds.

A dice sum of 7 can be worked out in more ways than a dice sum of 8. A 7 has 6 ways while a dice sum of 8 has (6 and 2, 5 and 3, 4 and 4, 3 and 5, 2 and 6) 5 ways. Thus, with this analysis, we would probably bet on a 7 than on an 8. But the question is, how often can we roll a 7 and how often can we roll an 8? Or a 6, for that matter. When we are presented with this challenge, we might be led to favor betting on two 7s than a 6 or 8. After all, 7 is a likely outcome in dice throws.

But we don't just play once in dice games and hit a win at once. The law of averages says we need to throw the dice more often to chance upon dice odds working in our favor. In this sense, we need to work out having a desired result repeatedly being rolled. With this game scenario, choosing two 7s over a 6 and 8 would need reconsideration. Because as a pair bet, 6 and 8 has better chances of occurring over two 7sin fact, it has a 55. 55 percent odds of happening over time, if we believe the law on averages.

There are 5 chances for a 6 to appear, and 5 chances for an 8 to appear. We have to treat the two numbers separately as far as odds are concerned, though they are both wagered on. While two 7s should be treated as one as far as dice odds are concerned.

Hence, if we are led to believe that a bet on two 7s is better because a 7 has more likelihood of hitting in dice rolls, we might get the surprise of our lives and see that 6 and 8 fair better.