Methodical Throwing and Dice Odds System

Methodical dice throws and dice odds can orchestrate a great show at the craps table and make everybody excited with their winnings.

It would be easy to come up with a number and establish the same when the mathematical precision of methodical dice shooting and mathematical logic of dice odds come into play. With the 5 ways of shooting an 8, for instance (6 and 2, 5 and 3, 4 and 4, 3 and 5, and 2 and 6), we can at once see how the number can be an easy target to shoot. With precision dexterity in dice rolling (called rhythmic rolling, systematic shooting, non-random rolling, or methodical throwing), the number 8 could be rolled and established in streaks before a 7 appears.

When we're not the shooter, we can easily see how a shooter would fair. First, we try to see if the shooter is a rhythmic roller. There are basic moves systematic shooters do initially before throwing the dice. In summary, they set the dice in a hand for systematic arrangement, get a good grip on them, and assume a posture. When we see shooters in these procedures, we're sure they're methodical throwers. Then we bet on them.

However, if it's a random shooter on the next turn, we may choose to bet for or against the player. We use a little dice odds knowledge and base our bet options on that. If the shooter is trying to shoot a number that has fewer odds and the player's a random one, we bet against the player. When the number has high dice odds, we may bet on the shooter regardless of the rolling skill.

When our turn comes to shoot, and we're rhythmic in rolling, we may combine systematic throwing with dice odds. It is better to tinker adroitly with a dice number combination that has a high chance of occurring than just rely on rhythm rolling alone. We can also gauge whether the odds will be against or for us in the long run. We just have to compare the odds of the number and the odds of a 7, in light of our skill rate at dice throwing. Then we get an idea of the overall game result.

Methodical throwing and dice odds can be a system to beat craps short term. Of course, any system should be supplemented by money management and the wisdom to know when winning is enough. It's a good system supplement to always leave a winner.