Craps Dice Odds on Don't Bets

Craps dice odds are specifically weighed against a dice roller or a particular number result that could be established before an appearance of the number 7. Basically we want a number 7 rolled before a dice roller gets to shoot his number option. This is how we play the Don't bet that requires 7s rolled before certain numbers are.

When we place a Don't bet on a ten it would take the first bet and the odds of something like $20 for a win of $10 on the odds wager. The first bet would be paid even money. The odds on getting a 4 on the Don't bet would practically be similar. The odds when placing a bet on a Don't 6 or a Don't 8 would be lay &6 in order to have a $5 win.

Clearly then, we have to establish the Come side to pay off when we lay the chances on a Don't wager. This explains the fact why many players are reluctant to play the Don't bet. It is also possible that the player is inclined to opt for negative wagers. However, this is a misconception. The truth is Don't players just prefer to go with the house bet to somehow ride on the house advantage and benefit from craps dice odds this way.

In reality, it is more costly to bet on the Don't side; but not when we're talking of cold tables where the Don't bet is the winning tactic. Placing Don't wagers are similar to placing Come wagers. But these things are not acceptable to most traditional craps players. Nonetheless, laying the chances on a Don't Come wager is the same with a behind the line wager on a Come wager. The only difference is that we need to wager more amounts because we are laying the chances instead of getting the odds.

Actually, if we think about it, the math logic behind them is the same and the odds of the wager succeeding really lies in the direction the table is moving. The negative concepts pertaining Don't wagers limit or stop the tactic from blossoming to its potential. It is apt and proper from the point of view of a common dice playing strategy, but betting against what the rest favor is not an accepted way when joining a craps table of thrilled dice players.

Hence, the craps dice odds on the Don't bet are considered with several possible added risks.