Trends versus Dice Odds in Craps

There are craps players who use trends and dice odds separately or in combination. However, sometimes we also need to weight them separately.

Trends in craps are the frequency of winning combinations resulting from dice throws. Trends are popular in the craps table and players are even seen jutting down win results on paper to later try to calculate an emerging craps trend in a game. Three trend types may be observed in craps: the hot, streak, and choppy trends. Even choppy dice results (a jumbled occurrence of win and lose sequence in the dice results for a time) are seen as choppy trends.

Trends may be aided by some craps dice odds calculation. When the odds are positive (more odds of producing a number to be established) then the trend may have a strong probability to be headed for that direction. Against a 2 and a 6, the odds are that 6 will come out more often with dice throws than a 2. So there is a strong chance or the strong odds for the number 6 to be established with dice shoots—or a strong possibility for a number 6 trend.

Trends and odds can work together for a safer and surer carps play. But then again, craps can never be a surefire way of beating the casino. Craps is dice-based, and even with the best trend-odds system we cannot hope to wipe out its random nature. Dice throwing is largely random, as do slotting and roulette ball throwing. The house edge in these random games is always there; in fact, that's the reason why casinos choose to have them in the first place.

As scientific as other players hope to make them to be, trend and odds will remain limited by their object—dice results. But some players would opt for pure trends plays. They rely on the hunch of a trend appearing somewhere in the play and do away entirely with dice odds analyses. Trends are best founded on odds calculations and give us a more systematized pre-determination tool for deciding the initial stage of a trend. If a trend is forthcoming in a play how can we tell its beginning point? Pre-determination solves this for us.

Hence, pre-determining a trend is best aided with dice odds in craps than using mere hunches. Instead of using trends and odds separately as winning strategies, it would be better to use them in tandem to supplement each other.